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On October 26, 2006 IntraFish editor Drew Cherry commented:
«The sustainable seafood movement has never had more momentum. Every time the seafood industry gets together, sustainability is on the agenda. (…) Trouble is, fish stocks considered sustainable are far-flung around the world. (…) Does this mean certified sustainable seafood is on a crash course with the "food miles" issue?»

Food milers are right being concerned about growing disctance between producer and consumer. Not only because of growing energy consumption and its negative impact on the world climate. Growing lack of consumer knowlegde and insight is a probleme, too.

Food milers are wrong in so far as many products just cannot be produced next door. Distance of delivery is one of several factors. If you look at it in a "green" way, you should judge the sum of all factors. Is tilapia from high-input industrial farming next door more sustainable than tilapia from low-input ponds 500 miles off? I'd see the facts first.

The solution of the dilemma is nor black nor white. It is your personal answer to the question: How much fish shall I eat? If you know that most of the fish you get has to travel a long way, your answer could be: Less fish than I had been eating all these days. As most fish stocks are overexploited already, this is not the stupidest answer. It can help you to enjoy the fish you still buy.


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