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On IntraFish, Drew Cherry complained about rising prices dragging on seafood sales in the United Kingdom.

I suggest to look at the problem this way:
The planet we live on is finite, and most probably there's not a second one behind to satisfy our hunger for more & more. Thus, rising prices for limited goods runnig out are to be welcolmed warmly, at least as long as we understand economical relationships as driven by markets, not by laws. Rising prices are the best remedium to prevent limited goods from depletion, which is the top topic with seafood today. The actual trends in the UK seafood market show pretty well that rising prices are correlating with a decline of consumption, but not with a loss in sales. As a matter of fact this is rather good news to the branch, isn't it? It means you will encash the same amount of money by handling a lower weight - while adding a little bit of chance to the recovery of fish stocks.


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