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Tom Seaman from IntraFish is complaining about journalists uncritically repeating the conclusion of an article form Boris Worm and colleagues published in the magazine «Science" in November 2006.

I understand Seaman's irritation about journalists always repeating the "2048 no more fish" message without underlining that this is a scientific worst-case scenario which could become true if we do not change ways of fishing. Nevertheless I would not bash journalists for vulgarizing this scenario as long as there is no guarantee that we've made it. The fact that some quota have been elevated recently or that some stocks have been certified by MSC does not ease me really, as quota decisions are merely political ones which are too often taken miles away from what scientists recommended, whereas MSC has a certain tendency to certify also problematical fisheries like for example bottom trawling on Hoki in New Zealand where the government felt urged to lower quota by more than half of what has been allowed when certification came into force by 2001.


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