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Brits sure are going to disappear –
they eat too few fish

A recent poll shows that fish is an «established part» of British diets and is «recognized for their nutritious value and low fat content». But «product penetration still needs to be improved» especially with younger people.

According to this poll, fish consumption rises by almost 5 percent per year. While one quarter of British households have fish at least once a week, one-fifth don't even do once on their life. And even almost every second person under 25 does not eat any fish.

Seems that some messages about the state of global fish stocks have made it – but the tenor of the report is quite opposite of course, worrying earnestly about the health of younger peolple – and a little bit about fish industry's sales, maybe

Source: UK poll: Young consumers need more seafood


But the best is yet to come: UK consumption exceeds its catch

The British Isles are surrounded by seas once rich in fish. Today these fish stocks are eaten up to an extent that Britain would starve for fish during one third of the year – if it was not getting its hands on fish from outside the EU.

So no problem, kids: eat fish, we will get it where and as long we can

Source: UK domestic fish stock can’t meet demand



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