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It is absolutely normal that news of mercury poisoned tuna turn down tuna consumption. The same would happen if peanut butter was found to be responsable for some disease - you would stop giving peanut butter sandwiches to your children, no matter whether your friends will call your reaction "irrational" or not.

So what is the alternative?

As a matter of fact, to reduce tuna consumption is quite okay for tuna itself, too. Mercury was perhaps the best thing that could happen to help tuna stocks to recover, at least the best thing in confrontation with human beings obviously unable to act reasonably as long there is still time.

The industry will certainly find another species to can instead. Let's hope we do not deplete it the same way so it will have to ask for mercury again. The safest way to secure this is to change our look at fish as to a meal of luxury, whereas peanut butter and other vegetable diet is quite okay for every day.


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