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On August 9, 2007 IntraFish editor Drew Cherry wrote:
«Here's what arrived in my inbox, in screaming caps: "LOBSTER FISHERY DENIED MSC ECOLABEL." Ouch. Who wants that? The pre-assessment process for the MSC is kept confidential, in part to protect fisheries from looking bad if they fail. Once they enter full assessment, though, the world needs to be told to invite stakeholder input.»

This is really unbelievable. The classical task of any label is to help consumers to distinct offers complying with their request from the rest. In other words: to boost the good ones. Blaming the bad ones is a task of NGOs like Greenpeace or WWF, and it's sure a task to be done. While they pressure the bad end, label organizations pull to the better end.

MSC has some problems with its specific approach. Among those is the fact that by the logic of its approach, MSC has to tell the world who failed its assessment. Even if they put it in smooth words, it's as if they would blame you publicly for not being sustainable enough (whatever this could mean in your case).

Is MSC counfounding its job with the one of its co-founder WWF?


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